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NAME: Natalie Dorman
RANK: Ensign
ASSIGNMENT: Junior Power Systems
Officer, USS Crossfield

RACE: Human  SEX: Female
AGE: 22 HEIGHT: 5'10" WEIGHT: 124
BIRTHPLACE: Honolulu, Earth
STATS: 09/11/14/11

CLASS: 2373
CLASS RANK: 566 of 2612
BRANCH: Engineering, Command
SECONDARY: Starfleet Intelligence
Academy Life

Cadet Natalie Dorman, called “Nat� by all her friends and classmates, was unique in the class in that
she lived with her then 14 year-old sister during year’s three and four at the academy.  Her father served
as XO of the USS Seleya, destroyed at the Battle of Galondon Core.  She then raised her sister Anne on her
own as their mother had died long ago.  Because of the pressures of the Academy and raising her sister, Nat
spent the few precious moments she had away from classes and studying with her sister instead of socializing
with the rest of her classmates.

Early Assignments

In 2373, Ensign Dorman was assigned as Engineering Staff Officer 2nd Class onboard the USS Spiegel, an
Akira class starship, just before the Battle of Sector 001.  ENS Dorman was beamed out of the Spiegel just
before it exploded during combat and ended up serving onboard the USS Enterprise-E when it traveled back in
time to save First Contact.  ENS Dorman was assimilated by the Borg for a brief time while on duty in main
Engineering but survived the ordeal when the collective was destroyed by LTCMDR Data.  After recovering at
Starfleet Medical for a brief period, ENS Dorman was reassigned to the USS Crossfield, a Sabre class starship,
as Junior Power Systems Officer.

Personal Data

ENS Dorman raised her younger sister by herself while at the Academy, something that was noticed by many.  
She enjoys cooking and studying Ferengi economics.  Dorman is also an excellent fencer and a permanent
member of the Starfleet Fencing Club in San Francisco.  She also speaks fluent French and visits Paris, Nice
and Marseilles on many occasions while on Earth despite saying she only loves Hawaii when on vacation.